A short story of a valiant project team

It all began with a “solid” plan that took hours to design...

Despite countless follow-ups, the first delays piled up...

So the team reacted quickly, and the plan changed swiftly...

But as more delays sneaked in, chaos and confusion set in...

Until things snowballed and got out of control...

The project fell behind. Another missed deadline.

Welcome to 2023.

Managing projects is still the same tedious, painful part of our work: shifting schedules, misalignments, missed deadlines - you name it.

It's time for something

Meet Logbook.

Beat deadlines.

Logbook adapts to changes to keep your team on track. Turn your projects into a relay race and deliver on time.

Logbook is more than yet another tool. It’s a unique system that plans and coordinates projects for you.

How does it work?

Map your project in seconds

Set your deadline and estimate each step duration

Customize event date and duration manually

Fully speced out with variable and custum data

25+ integrations available

© 2023 Logbook, SAS.

© 2023 Logbook, SAS.